Experiencing God

I asked God:
People say that you are Love
How much do you love me?

The silence whispered:
I am the ground of your being
I move as your life
I am closer to you
Than your breath

How come I don’t experience
Your presence this way?
I question God

The silence echoed thus:
Where is your attention?
On you and your views
And your needs and wants?
Or on me?

I realize that I am not
Paying attention to the Presence
But also wondered how to do so!

How can I pay attention to you?
I ask God!

Be still!
Be silent!
The whisper of silence
Thundered in my being!

Tears flooding
Burdens washing away
Desires dissolving
Mind letting go
I surrender
By resting attention in
The silence of the heart

Dear One
This is not to say that “I am special”
This is to reflect to you
The specialness
That is your foundation
Which awaits just one thing
Your rested attention in silence



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