The Bounty of Real Surrender

When you feel all alone
When you feel abandoned
When you feel down and out
When you feel life crumbling

When there’s pain in loss
When there’s anguish in defeat
When there’s deep uncertainty
When there’s crushing fear

When you have nowhere to turn
When you have no one to lean on
When you have no energy to move
When you have no hope to dip into

Come, dear One
Bring your attention inside
Down that central channel
Down the throat
Down the chest
Into the heart center
Just above where
The rib cages part

Here I Am Now
As I’ve always been
Just awaiting your attention
To come to rest
In My Presence within

Let attention dip
Into the silence
Let attention dissolve
In the silence

Perturbation disappears
Peace appears

In this natural serenity
Come and soothe
Those frayed nerves
Come and heal
That tired mind
Come and energize
That sore body

Never have I left you
It is you who have left Me
Taking your attention
Into the world
Full of shiny objects
Chasing after this or that
Falling prey to the
Myriad temptations
And traps of the world

Come back home
Not just this once
But over and over again
Day after day after day
And ground yourself
In this Love
Given to you freely
In this Happiness
That is causeless
In this Peace
That is unchanging

Dissolve your worries
Let go of your fears
Drop your expectations
In fact, drop it all
Including your sense
Of individuality
Let it go
In this sacred silence
And witness Grace unleashed
In its totality
In your life

Who speaks thus?
Why dear One
It is the real I, the real I Am
Your own true self
Your original nature
That which is
Never apart from God
The unchanging
The ever-present
The knowingness
The One
Without a second
That whispers
In silence

Come within
And be blessed
With the real happiness
Which you’ve been
Desperately seeking
But have been mistakenly
Pursuing through
Objects, people, and experiences
In the world that changes

Come within
And experience
Real contentment
The bounty of Your real surrender



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